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  • Artists
    Elevate your practice! Developed by Artists for Artists. NOTORIOUS N.I.P.s™: a groundbreaking tool crafted by the visionary NIPPLE SISTERS™ These meticulously designed transparent cards are revolutionizing the industry, offering not just education but a profound enhancement to your craft. With five distinct tones that seamlessly blend for unparalleled color accuracy, NOTORIOUS N.I.P.s empower you to achieve unmatched precision in every procedure. Elevate your practice with real-time color matching, ensuring every client receives the best results. Beyond technical mastery lies a deeper purpose. By visualizing the journey to reconstruction, our warriors find solace and confidence in their path to wholeness. NOTORIOUS N.I.P.s aren't just tools; they're beacons of hope, compassion, and empowerment. Bring this transformative tool into your studio and beyond. Share it with your warriors to embolden them on their journey. Let them carry it home, allowing them to visualize their path to completion and advocate for their desires with confidence. NOTORIOUS N.I.P.s™ embody a commitment to excellence and compassion in every procedure. Join the movement today, and transcend your practice to purpose. Elevate your nipple game with meaning.
  • Trainers
    Attention Areola Trainers!!! Prepare to revolutionize your training approach with NOTORIOUS N.I.P.s™, a groundbreaking solution designed to elevate your educational programs like never before. Imagine transparent, hyper-realistic areola rendering cards at your disposal, featuring five distinct tones from deep to fair. These cards serve as invaluable benchmarks for aspiring artists, offering visual representations to guide them towards excellence in their craft. With the ability to overlap tones and create unique color combinations, NOTORIOUS N.I.P.s facilitate real-time color matching—a vital skill in paramedical tattooing. Your students will not only enhance their technical proficiency but also learn to address the emotional and psychological aspects of patient interactions with empathy and confidence. What sets NOTORIOUS N.I.P.s apart is the inclusion of a transparent palette beneath each rendering. Here's where the magic truly happens. Introduce color theory in a hands-on way by allowing your students to mix various pigments directly on the plastic palette. No more guesswork—this feature enables them to experiment with pigment blending and color matching in real-time, fostering skill development like never before. Let's talk about sustainability. Our reusable custom-designed packaging ensures not only cost-effectiveness but also environmental responsibility. With less waste and more accuracy, your students can mix, wipe, and repeat to their heart's content, honing their skills with every stroke. NOTORIOUS N.I.P.s™ isn't just a tool - it's a game-changer for trainers committed to nurturing the next generation of proficient paramedical tattoo artists. Elevate your educational programs, empower your students, and solidify your position as a leader in the industry with NOTORIOUS N.I.P.s™.
  • Surgeons
    In your relentless pursuit of excellence in caring for patients undergoing mastectomy procedures, we are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking tool that promises to enhance the journey for both you and your patients. NOTORIOUS N.I.P.s™, meticulously crafted by the talented NIPPLE SISTERS™, are transparent, hyper-realistic areola rendering cards tailored to support paramedical tattoo artists and plastic surgeons like you in your work with breast cancer warriors. Imagine offering your patients a tangible symbol of hope and completion amidst the challenges of their journey. Each package contains five distinct tones, ranging from Deep to Fair, which can be expertly overlapped to create bespoke color combinations. With NOTORIOUS N.I.P.s™, real-time color matching becomes effortlessly precise, ensuring every procedure is executed with meticulous accuracy. But these cards are more than just technical tools—they represent a beacon of reassurance and empowerment for your patients as they navigate the final steps of their journey towards completion. By visualizing the end results at various stages of the reconstructive process, patients find solace and confidence, alleviating some of the emotional burdens associated with mastectomy surgery. Take it a step further by sending NOTORIOUS N.I.P.s™ home with your patients. These cards serve as tangible reminders of their journey towards empowerment, facilitating discussions with loved ones and aiding in informed decisions about the reconstruction process. NOTORIOUS N.I.P.s™ aren't merely tools; they're symbols of compassion and empowerment in the face of adversity. Incorporating these cards into your practice not only enhances the patient experience but also reaffirms your commitment to providing comprehensive and compassionate care. Join us in revolutionizing the journey for breast cancer warriors. Let's empower them to embrace their beauty and strength at every step of the way.
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